German Shepherd Dogs-Don't You Just Love Them!

 Graham S. Dee

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German Shepherd Dogs

(aka Alsatians) - 'the noble prince of all dog breeds'

This website is for German Shepherd Dog Lovers everywhere- offering useful dog training tips, and advice about German Shepherds from puppies to adopted and re-homed  German Shepherd Dogs.
We have owned German Shepherds for over 40 years and this site includes the story of   Our Own German Shepherd Dogs, the joy of owning a German Shepherd, and sharing your life with them, what they're like with children, and when your German Shepherd has puppies (this was an amazing time!) - and more importantly ..................

Why We Just Love German Shepherd Dogs!

german shepherd training all 3 of our german shepherd dogs

So why should you own a German Shepherd?

  • His imposing good looks, handsome and impressive
  • He is very intelligent and very responsive to good training
  • He is very loyal and dedicated to protecting your home and family
  • He learns and thinks quickly
  • He has a better sense of smell, and a keen sense of hearing
  • He has an uncanny sixth sense of any impending danger
  • He is very agile, can move fast, and does not tire easily
  • He is very strong - criminals fear him, and he can overcome an
  • opponent very quickly
  • As a young puppy, who could resist those little 'bundles of fluff'?
Les with german shepherd dog puppy german shepherd puppies new german shepherd puppy
Lesley with our new gsd puppies born at home

The German Shepherd Dog is a working dog and thrives on physical and mental activity and because they are so intelligent, they respond quickly to good training and are always eager to please.
Behavior must be socially acceptable -
so good German Shepherd Dog training   is vital.

German Shepherd dogs were the first guide dogs for the blind, and are the favorite service dog for the police, army and the air force, and also the rescue services. They are also used for security work e.g. detection of drugs and explosives, guard dogs, and some are bred for show, and some as working dogs, with skills in obedience training, agility or scent training.
Be warned - they need plenty of exercise and commitment but the rewards for having a German Shepherd as 'mans best friend' are unlimited. We've owned German Shepherd Dogs for over 40 years, and we've loved every one of them, they each had their own 'characters and personalities' and are an absolute joy to own and share your home with.

So if you are yet to decide if a German Shepherd Dog is the right dog for you, or you need more tips and information - then check out the pages in this site and find out for yourself..
 'Why We Just Love German Shepherd Dogs'.

That's what makes this site different - we own German Shepherd Dogs
 and have done for over 40 years!

Our German Shepherd Dog- Guy in the garden Did you know that the first Hollywood canine film star was a German Shepherd Dog called 'Rin Tin Tin', he also had a very popular worldwide TV series called "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" and was a real Hollywood star! (hugely popular and everyone loved him). He was brought to the U.S.A. from Germany after World War 1 by a soldier called Larry Baker.
Then in 1989 there was a fast-moving comedy film called "K-9", starring James Belushi as a bad cop with 'attitude' - and you guessed it - his partner was a very lovable German Shepherd Dog called 'Jerry Lee', and together they sorted out the villains! (another hugely popular film). It was so popular that later, they made a follow up film, and this too was a great success.
Guy-our German Shepherd Dog (He is Handsome isn't He?) see more >>> Our Own German Shepherd Dogs

our first gsd - Chum
german shepherd dog-Tsara
our 2 gsd with our new puppy Emma
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Remember that German Shepherd Dog training is essential!

We just love German Shepherds and we hope you love them too!
 a 'well-trained' German Shepherd Dog is a pleasure to own
A dog that is not trained is a pain in the ....!
Be a responsible dog owner and take pride in your own dog
Train him and you will enjoy life so much more and so will your dog.
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read next.........>>> Why Choose a German Shepherd Dog
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Please Note: We only recommend products that we own and have used ourselves, and that we think will help you in bringing up your German Shepherd Dog. Any affiliate commissions that we may receive go towards the cost of running and maintaining this website in order to bring you more useful tips and information.   All photographs used on our site are of our own German Shepherds and are copyright - reproduction is prohibited.
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