German Shepherd Dogs-Don't You Just Love Them!

Why Choose a
German Shepherd Dog?

There's a lot of truth in the well known phrase...........

'Man's Best Friend is His Dog'

Man's Best Friend - his German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherds can be extremely good company and are a great help in bringing up a young family.Your German Shepherd Dog will be dependent on you for warmth, health and protection, and also social friendship - and after a while, you will wonder how you ever did without him, especially if you have a young family - it seems like the missing link
 - bonding the family unit together

Choosing a German Shepherd from all the other breeds available, is  your first great move in the right direction because they are different from all the other dog breeds.
When you are the proud owner of this breed you will learn to understand why  your decision to choose a German Shepherd is such a good one.

You don't pick up and cuddle a German Shepherd, you don't need to 'dress him' with any fancy attire either - they look great, they are intelligent, they are 'working dogs' and as such do not like to sit around all day, they are very 'active dogs' and you should treat them like a joint member of your own family, and whatever you do - never ignore him and leave him alone for long periods of time.
They need human company and if socialized properly - are great with other dogs.

What Type of German Shepherd Dog Should You Get?

A German Shepherd puppy can be an absolute delight, especially if you have children, but it's best to have someone at home all day, and you must be prepared to spend time with a puppy to develop a good relationship with him, and important that you make sure that you do take time for house training your new puppy.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a German Shepherd dog as a companion, and you want to take him 'out and about' on walks with you, then a young adult German Shepherd dog could be more preferable - you could get started straight away without the hassle of training your dog.

You could also offer a home to a German Shepherd rescue dog - this sometimes could give you a fully trained dog without any problems, maybe it lost its home due to the previous owner's problems or circumstances, that had nothing to do with the actual dog itself.

You must be very patient with a rescued dog because he will not know or understand why he had lost his home - so he will be unsettled - and will need much love and attention to regain his confidence.

You need to give the adopted dog patience and understanding to gain his trust, but in time, he will give you the same love and respect as any other dog, he will regain his zest for life, and will appreciate you, and his new home, and you will have the satisfaction of giving your dog a new home and another chance in life.

Where To Get Your Dog

If you decide to get a new German Shepherd puppy, then it's best to go to a recognized dog breeder, the reason being that all the Kennel Club registration certificates, all the veterinary documentation and checks will have been done, and your puppy will have been medically examined by the vet and be passed fit for sale.

You will also be able to see the parents in most cases and this will give you a good idea of what your puppy will turn out like in the future when he has grown up, and will give you an indication of the dogs temperament.

In the unlikely event of there possibly being some kind of unforeseen problem with your dog - the dog breeder will be only too pleased to give you any help and advice that may be necessary, they have a reputation to consider, and the welfare of the dog is as much their concern as it is yours - nobody wants an unresolved problem with their puppy or dog - remember, we are all animal lovers!

When you can see the advantages of buying your dog from a recognized breeder, why would you contemplate buying from anywhere else? (especially from a pet store or a private house)

The alternative is to offer a home to a rescue dog, for a reasonable donation you can have the dog of your choice from a wide variety of dogs and breeds, young or older, and they usually have been examined by a vet, and are in reasonably good health.

When you visit your local dog rescue center, you will be amazed at some of the dogs that you will see, and some are top pedigree dogs that have come from really good homes, but have ended up as victims of circumstances through no fault of their own.

If a dog has a particular problem .... i.e. has been mistreated by children - then the Rescue Center will tell you that they will only let the adopted dog go to a quiet home without children - there will not be any nasty surprises - whatever a particular problem - they will always advise you.
The animal shelter staff want to find the best home that they can for rescued dogs, and they evaluate each dog that comes into the shelter for physical wellbeing, bahavior patterns, and try to determine what needs the dog has and whether a suitable match with you can be made.

So, I hope you have made up your mind as to why choose a German Shepherd Dog   and then another decision to be made is, where are you going to get your new German Shepherd puppy or dog - what will you need to buy for your German Shepherd dog?

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So the next step for you is  
Choosing Your Puppy

choosing your gsd puppy choosing your gsd puppy choosing your new gsd puppy
Our German Shepherd Dog Guy when he was a puppy           Lesley with our new GSD puppies

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Our two German Shepherds with our new puppy Emma

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